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The Invisibles book

Update on the book of the project The Invisibles!
I have decided to go crowdfunding way, as at the moment I cannot find any financially better option to go about printing them. I know that quite a few of you want it!
If you want a book, follow the link: https://igg.me/at/GtntpSsC2zE/x/30755096#/
Please (I cannot stress this enough) share this away, as this is a fixed funding campaign, meaning that if the goal is not met, there will be no books for anyone.
For those who are new to my page:
The Invisibles is a photo project about the people who are working behind the scenes in the live music industry. This includes a lot of different people who are truly making gigs happen and ensuring an unforgettable experience for music lovers. From the venue owner to the staff at the door checking the tickets – only very few are being noticed by the concert attendees and in most cases, easily forgotten. The majority of the workers in the live music industry are invisible. This project is about them and aims to show the appreciation they and their important work truly deserve.


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