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2019 gig wrap up

Sooooo... I have seen a lot of top pictures, top gigs, top moments, top albums, resolutions and so on, and so forth. Uhm.

I just want to have a quick look back to the gigs I have attended in the past year. I have been a little bit pickier and yet managed to attended a great variety of them, my Last.fm profile counting to total of 51, including the festivals. None of the open air festivals this year but couple of absolutely fantastic black metal fests - Armageddon Descends in Vilnius, Lithuania and Darkness Guides Us in Glasgow, UK - heavily lead by amazing Greek lads. The latter one I was covering for the festival itself and if you are following me on Facebook, you have probably seen a lot of pictures posted up there. I might pull myself together and make a little gallery of the best moments here, on my website.  Furthermore, let's not forget Lords of the Land fest with mind blowing line-up, enhanced by my love to Greek metal scene leaders - Rotting Christ on the bill. To be honest, all three festivals had Greek bands on the bill. I see the pattern there.. :)

Quite an interesting geography of the events I attended and covered - from the obvious Glasgow and Edinburgh gigs, down to London and then all the way to Vilnius (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia) and going south to sunny Athens (Greece). Visited couple more countries during the year but didn't manage to catch any gig there (oh well!).

Had done some productive work with the Seraph Sin lads, leading to couple of gigs, the Glasgow one being real smasher!

Festivals aside (because I love them all, with such an incredible line-ups), trying to think of the most impressive gigs to me personally... it is really hard to pick the few ones - so many good ones, all in so many different ways. Let's see, here is a wee list in no particular order:

  • Die Krupps @ Saint Luke's and The Winged Ox, Glasgow
  • Devin Townsend @ SWG3, Glasgow
  • Hypnos/Preternatural/Flaying @ Republika, Riga
  • Full House Brew Crew @ Kyttaro, Athens
  • Seraph Sin @ Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
  • Nightstalker @ The Lounge Kolis, London
  • Gary Numan @ O2 Academy, Glasgow
  • Nitzer Ebb @ Saint Luke's and The Winged Ox, Glasgow
  • Municipal Waste @ Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
  • Overkill @ SWG3, Glasgow

Uhhh, I could go on and on but let's stop with these ten. It is enough as it is, that I can't pick the one to put as the first one!


I have to admit, I am spoiled rotten...

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