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Top 2018

A lot of people their top year lists for best year albums, gigs visited, photographs taken…. This year was very generous to me gig wise (estimating total of 43, festivals included but as one event per festival, not separate shows during them), as I still had a luxury to witness Depeche Mode tour, which stretched out from the previous year. So if I would to make the list of top gigs attended this year, you all know what would take the space for the first three.. For those, who still unsure: since this year January I have seen Depeche Mode in Riga (20 Feb), Vilnius (22 Feb) – could I ask possibly better thing for my own birthday? – and Berlin (25 Jul), which was also the last their tour gig and would probably crown the very first spot in my top. Slayer and Kraftwerk would probably occupy another two… and oh well, I guess, the list would like quite different, to be honest!

Anyway, let’s make things more interesting and have a look at my top photographed gigs of this year. Bear in mind, that doesn’t mean that I took the best pictures of the year during these, it’s more of a personal feeling – the ones I enjoyed the most, for whatever reason.

Here you go:

10. Metalshow in Latvia (first open air festival in quite a few years, with Septicflesh as one of the headliners)

9. Testament at QMU (good old Testament with the support of ever fun Annihilator and Vader)

8. Marduk at Audio (black metal in all its Swedish greatness… with Ragnarok, Unlight and Azziard)

7. Pain of Salvation at Piraeus 117 Academy, Athens (holy moly, these boys never dissapoint, plus very interesting Greek support of Need and Mother of Millions; all this crowned my stay in Athens)

6. Das Ich at Audio (yass baby! Absolutely killed by the support of Nightmare Frequency, Surgyn and Astari Nite)

5. Lord of the Lost at Ivory Blacks (my discovery of the previous year. Proudly with the support of my boys Seraph Sin!)

4. Aborted at Audio (brutal as usual, with the absolutely cracking Cryptopsy, Ingested and Unfathomable Ruination)

3. Gary Numan at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (collaboration with Skaparis Orchestra. That was absolutely surreal!)

2. Satyricon at The Classic Grand (long time, no see, eh? Nailed!)

1. Peter Murphy at the SWG3 (BauHaus classics live? Yes, please! To put it short – that was something I didn’t even dream to witness live)

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